Les Rôtisseries Piri Piri Les Rôtisseries Piri Piri
  Les Rôtisseries Piri Piri  
  Les Rôtisseries Piri Piri

Piri Piri Rotisserie was the dream of a young entrepreneur Antoine C. Assuncao, his goal was to be the first to open a chain of Portuguese Rotisseries serving delicious and traditional Chicken & Grilled meats prepared quickly in front of customers.

The beginning was in 2012, in Montreal, Canada and despite many challenges in the early stages, but with determination and perseverance, Antoine opened his first location on Masson Street and was determined to make it work because he believed that if you offer delicious, fresh food with generous portions, affordable prices and combine that with exceptional customer service, it will be successful.

Today, Piri Piri Rotisseries has 5 locations in the Montreal area serving award winning chicken and grilled meats for walk-in customers, take out, delivery and caters to special events.

Les Rôtisseries Piri Piri
  Les Rôtisseries Piri Piri

Les Rôtisseries Piri Piri
The first of its kind in Quebec, Piri Piri Rotisseries has transformed the rich, fresh and generous Portuguese cuisine into a quick service restaurant (QSR) concept while preserving the authenticity specific to that cuisine.

Piri Piri created its famous and unique sauce using secret ingredients which give a genuine, tasty flavor to the chicken and grilled meats. With a variety of platters , “PIRI BOWLS”, as well as sides such as the special roasted potato balls, vegetables, rice, and spiced French fries, delicious appetizers and salads compliment the meats and sandwiches. Piri Piri’s famous poutine has won several top prizes in the city where restaurants are world renowned. To finish a perfect meal, desserts and the traditional Portuguese tarts called “Natas” are offered and are succulently loved by all. Piri Piri Rotisseries has established a great reputation in the greater Montreal area and among tourists for being a fresh, authentic, fast and traditional Portuguese Rotisserie that offers great food, excellent prices and a family-oriented service in a modern setting.
Les Rôtisseries Piri Piri
  Les Rôtisseries Piri Piri

After our proven success in the Montreal area, we are now embarking on an expansion plan to bring the Piri Piri experience to other areas of Montreal, Quebec, and Canada. We have now established a goal of 25 Piri Piri Rotisseries operating by the year 2025. To ensure that our goal is met, we have embraced franchising as the way to go and will be committed to work tirelessly to ensure success at every franchised location.

Les Rôtisseries Piri Piri
  Les Rôtisseries Piri Piri

Les Rôtisseries Piri Piri

Piri Piri’s design concept is a fresh and modern look which attracts customers looking to enjoy their meal in a comfortable and relaxing setting.
Les Rôtisseries Piri Piri
  Les Rôtisseries Piri Piri

  • To join a growing popular concept
  • To join a winning, successful and proven brand
  • To own your business BUT NOT BE ON YOUR OWN !
  • For Single, Multi-Unit and Area Development franchise
  • Exclusive trade area
  • To convert your existing restaurant into a PIRI PIRI Franchise
  • To be part of a team committed to growth & committed to ethical franchising and business practices obeying by the codes of ethical franchising of the CFA, CQF and IFA

  Les Rôtisseries Piri Piri

  • Assist in choosing, negotiating and leasing locations
  • Assist in construction
  • Train franchisee/manager on the technical and managerial aspects of the business
  • Provide guidance and support in the pre-launch of the business
  • Provide on-site support during opening
  • Provide continuous guidance and support post-opening
  • Conduct on-going research & development on all aspects to ensure franchise growth and sustainability
Les Rôtisseries Piri Piri
  Les Rôtisseries Piri Piri
Mall type location
(500 to 700 sf)
$280 000 – $300 000 Architectural plans / construction / equipment /
cash flow...
Dine-in street location
(1,600 to 2,000 sf)
$460 000 – $525 000 Architectural plans / construction / equipment /
cash flow...
Franchisee investment 40% Minimum financial requirement for PPE loan
Franchise fee $25 000 Training, trademark, name & system use and
pre-opening assistance
Duration of Agreement 5 years Renewable for 3 additional terms of 5 years each
Royalty 4.5% On-going use of trade name, mark & system and
on-going post-opening support & guidance
Advertising fee 2.5% National or regional advertising fund
Local Advertising 1% Managed and spent by franchisee
  Les Rôtisseries Piri Piri
Complete the initial application form
Establish Contact
Complete full application
Arrange one-on-one meeting
Sign NDA & request for a franchise
Conduct background check
Provide copy of our standard franchise agreement
Review agreement with lawyer
Sign the franchise agreement
Lease a location
Undergo training
Les Rôtisseries Piri Piri
  Les Rôtisseries Piri Piri  
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Les Rôtisseries Piri Piri