Mucho Burrito
Since its inception in 2006 Mucho Burrito has been committed to delivering mucho guest satisfaction by creating authentic, Mexican-inspired food that lives up to our promise: Fresh Mexican Grill. Mucho Burrito only serves food that is mucho real and mucho fresh. It's made by hand right in front of our guests' eyes, using only the freshest ingredients, free of artificial flavours and preservatives.

With the launch of the 'Real Food Manifesto' in 2013 Mucho Burrito continues to raise the bar in the fast-casual dining category. Today there are over 100 Mucho Burrito locations across North America. Mucho Burrito is part of the publicly traded MTY Group. TSE:MTY

Mucho Burrito is the #1 Fast-Casual restaurant brand in the Mexican food category. We offer premium quality food in an upscale environment at a premium price point to your typical fast food restaurant. We bridge the gap between Quick Service Restaurants and Casual Dining establishments.

Fast-Casual dining is the fastest growing food service segment in North America and Canada. Today's discerning guests are demanding premium quality products, served quickly in a better environment and are willing to pay a premium for the total experience. Experience the taste of success with this growing food service trend! The Canadian consumer is ready for a whole new upscale, gourmet Mexican dining experience; and Mucho Burrito is ready to deliver!
Mucho Burrito

$30k-Street or Food Court-10 year term
Approximate investment: $400k-$500k

Minimum unencumbered cash: $150k
Net worth: $300k
Royalty Fee: 6%
Advertising Fee: 4%

Muycho Burrito
Adults 25-44 years of age.
Suitable for all business sectors & types.

  • The typical size of a Mucho Burrito restaurant is 1,400 to 1,700 sq. ft.
  • Food court size is 350 to 500 sq. ft.
  • They are usually located in neighbourhood and community strip malls, power malls, shopping malls, universities, airports and downtown business districts.

Classroom lectures, hands-on training and even cooking classes! Mucho Burrito University (MBU) offers an intensive training program teaching the skills necessary to become a successful Mucho Burrito Franchise partner. You’ll graduate with a comprehensive understanding og our burrito making business.

But hold onto your sombreros!
We don’t stop there.

Each franchisee receives comprehensive training in all aspects of owning and operating a Mucho Burrito franchise. The training also includes operational, marketing and hands on in restaurant training. Prior to opening, franchisees train for 4 weeks in accredited Mucho Burrito team on-site before opening to help ensure that everyone knows exactly what they should be doing when the doors finally open.
Mucho Burrito’s marketing department provides you with marketing training, a user-friendly marketing guide and best in class industry sales drivers for your business. Upon joining Mucho Burrito you will receive immediate assistance in developing and executing an opening Local Store Marketing plan an ongoing marketing and business plan that focuses on your first year in business.

In addition to the support we provide to you at the locaql level, Mucho Burrito ensures that the brand is top of mind with our core guests to encourage trial and repeat visits. The Mucho brand image is one of our key strengths and we work hard every day to deliver consistent and meaningful brand communication to our target guests right across the country. We’re continually working to get the “Fresh Mexican Grill” message out through advertising and social media efforts. We also make it a point to add menu items frequently to give guests new and exciting options.

The Marketing team continually invests in new products innovations, consumer research and measures guest feedback to ensure that we are delivering on our brand promise and keeping our guests happy!
Muycho Burrito

Mr. Brian Allard Lillie
Manager of franchise development
8210, route Transcanadienne, St. Laurent, QC, H4S 1M5