Carbon Cleaning

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The power of hydrogen for your engine !

Engine fouling
A problem of today

Engines become dirty due to modern day stop-and-go traffic conditions, as well as imposed speed limits, fuel quality, new anti-pollution requirements, and driving at low speeds to save on gas.

The Carbon Cleaning ?
Prevents maintenance on engine problems

A poorly maintained engine often causes combustion problems resulting in its asphyxiation.

Preventive engine cleaning enables you to restore engine parts rather than replacing them, thereby saving vehicle owners on costly parts, such as a new turbocharger, catalytic converter, DPF or EGR valve.

So before replacing your engine parts, try Carbon Cleaning.
  Carbon Cleaning

The advantages of Carbon Cleaning
Keep your engines clean !

  Removes carbon deposits from all engines types;
  Restores engine performance and fuel consumption back to normal;
  Prevents wear of expensive engine parts (EGR valve, DPF, spark plug, valves, injectors,etc.);
  Reduces intermittent acceleration cut-out and engine noise;
  Reduces exhaust fumes;
  Facilitates vehicle inspections for pollution levels (smog test);
  Increases engine lifespan.
  Carbon Cleaning

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Carbon Cleaning