Amaro is fresh water from Quebec
Amaro spring water comes from a protected environment in a forest located north of St. Cuthbert. A natural and pure spring water that is totally sourced in Quebec. In harmony with the environment and technology, Amaro only taps the surplus that nature provides, assuring ever-lasting supply of spring water. Over 90% of our water is bottled in reusable containers. Since its humble beginnings in 1972, Amaro is the only major spring water bottling company in Quebec owned by Quebec interests.

Amaro is a local, family owned business that began modestly operating in 1972 and developed, over the years, into one of the most important natural spring water bottling companies in Quebec.

Amaro water was first tapped by Mr. Armand Rheault, its founding owner. It comes from a spring located in a forest north of St. Cuthbert, a small village in the Lanaudiere region near the Laurentians, just a few kilometers north of Berthierville.

In 1987, Mr. Rheault sold the company to the Colpron family. Back then, every year, Amaro was producing 200,000 bottles of 18.9 litres. Today, production exceeds 4,000,000 bottles, distributed throughout Quebec and parts of Ontario.

Amaro currently provides employment to more than 200 people, including its own employees and authorized distributors.


Amaro’s forest
Amaro’s property, north of the St. Cuthbert village, in the Lanaudiere region, covers 4.4 million square meters of wooded and unexploited land where the Canadian Shield begins. The forest protects the Amaro spring from any pollution. This vast territory is home to some half a million trees that capture carbon dioxide, one of the main causes of global warming. This helps reduce the impact of gases emitted by vehicles that carry Amaro products.

Delivery service
Amaro's distribution network is mainly composed of 100 distributors who are aware that an excellent delivery service is an important part of Amaro's unique character. Whether at home, in the company or in the shops, they provide a flexible, punctual and quality service.

Territories currently available*
• Drummonville, Centre-du-Québec (QC)
• Québec (Région) (QC)

*Already established residential and / or commercial roads, down payment required depending on the road.

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