A competitive business opportunity

Our goal is to provide you with the most competitive business opportunity to take the plunge and become an Ultramar service station operator. Whether it’s rewards for your top performing agents or even the reduction in capital required to invest, everything is in place to ensure your success!

You flourish on a daily basis

Are you a motivated and an energetic leader? You will be able to flourish day after day within a team of dynamic and reliable professionals, all in a healthy work environment. We work together to be the partner of choice for our customers and suppliers. Dedication, helpfulness, and frank camaraderie are at the heart of our teams who offer the best of themselves at all times.

You flourish on a daily basis

Are you a motivated leader? At Ultramar, you will be able to flourish as part of a team of professionals, in a dynamic environment. We work every day to be the partner of choice for our customers and suppliers.

Our departments in action

Financial support

Financial support to help you operate your service station. Lightening your required investment.

  • Profitable revenue sharing
  • Support to help you get the credit you need
  • A centralized and uniform price service
  • Management of strategic agreements with suppliers
  • Operations management

An optimized management system to simplify your operations.

  • A turnkey site with a maintenance program developed by a team of experts
  • Tools to support you in your daily operations
  • A distribution service at the cutting edge of technology
  • Inventory control system via an electronic point of sale terminal
  • Gasoline delivery automatically managed by our distribution centers
  • A consignment supply for stations allowing them to remain competitive: Consigned fuel supply
  • No costs generated from differences attributed to fluctuations in temperature

Become an agent


What it takes to become a service station operator

This program is for entrepreneurs who wish to invest in a full-time business project and who possess leadership, as well as good knowledge of inventory management and finance. They also demonstrate an ability to communicate with and manage employees. Entrepreneurial in nature, station operators must be autonomous, motivated and capable of adapting to the different situations they may face.

An initial amount to invest

For an initial investment, usually between $50 000 and $120 000, you can become an Ultramar service station operator. A bond of variable value, according to the inventories on consignment.
*Note that a letter of credit is not necessary, following credit approval from a financial institution

A willingness to get involved

As an Ultramar service station operator, you must be willing to be part an accomplished team and play an active role in your region with enthusiasm. You need to aggressively grow your business and provide unparalleled customer service, while keeping the premises clean and ultimately ensuring that inventory levels are kept at the required standards. We want operators involved in the station’s daily operations and in their community.

Support for your success

By becoming an Ultramar service station operator, you have immediate access to ongoing professional support, a proven strategic model and training program for you and your employees in an established company. We also ensure top-notch financial support with our operators, collaboration with our business partners and marketing action and advice to help drive more customers to the business.



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