Presse Café

Do you dream of being your own boss, having your own business and reaping the benefits of your labor while being part of a network? You have energy, passion and a good head on your shoulders? You are ready to fully invest yourself in growing your business? Make your dream come true by becoming a franchise partner. Take your future in your hands!
Presse Café


A real oasis for people in a hurry, it’s always good to stop there, just to relax and indulge in a specialty coffee. Between two meals, Presse Café is the perfect place where you can refuel in a relaxed atmosphere, no matter if your choice is a decadent dessert or something more sensible!

Espressos, lattes, muffins, colorful wraps, “presswiches” or freshly made appetizing salads are served from morning to evening. For a burst of fresh vitamins, fruit juices are perfect. New products are added regularly to the exclusive menu to offer a bit of variety to our palate.

Presse Café focuses on authenticity, quality, simplicity and beautiful encounters.

Presse Café

Presse Café
  1. The long communal table
  2. The fresh product displays
  3. The Espresso machine and its three grinders
  4. The grab-and-go fridge (because we don’t always have the time to «breathe»!)
  5. The lounge area and its magazines and newspapers (we are not called «Presse» Café for nothing!)
  6. The electrical outlets to plug-in our laptops (work oblige)
  7. The clocks that remind us that we are already tomorrow in Sidney
  8. The designer light fixtures that we wish we had at home...
  9. The flamboyant wallpapers that we love but would not dare install in our own home!
  10. The tall windows and ceiling

Presse Café


True to its signature «Breathe, Eat, Drink» Presse Café always provides a little haven where you can take an often well-deserved break, while you sip your favorite coffee.

The sofa, the fireplace, the TV, the flamboyant wallpaper: it’s the perfect setting to stay longer, and enjoy another coffee!

Pre-opening support:
  • Site search and site evaluation
  • Assistance with the financing options
  • Plans and installation
  • Staff recruitment support
  • Franchisee training to operate the business
  • Marketing support to advertise and promote the opening
  • Pre-opening and opening assistance

Ongoing support program
  • Exclusive purchasing program
  • National advertising promoting the brand image
  • Regular development visits of your Presse Café
  • New product R&D
  • Regular development visits of your Presse Café

Presse Café


Founded in: 1995 Quebec
Number of locations (corporate and franchised):
  • 53 in Québec
  • 12 in Ontario
  • 14 internationally

  • Average Total Investment: Between $315,000 and $550,000
    Minimum Investment Required: $125,000* - $250,000 (*Subject to Credit Approval)
    Franchise Fee: $35,000 (Included in the Total Investment)
    Royalties: 6%
    Advertising Fund: 2%
    Training Included: Yes


    Suzy Vallerand
    Director of Business Development
    T (514) 935-5553 #230 | C (514) 296-6607

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