Realms of activities

Bakery, pastry, catering trade, fine cuisine as well as local products - home-made following time-honored methods—... plus personalized service, strategic locations in a rural setting, and you have… Les Moulins La Fayette!


La Fayette Productions and Les Moulins La Fayette are two concepts included in Johnny Jeulin's 1992 literary work entitled La Fayette Creations. Born in France (Normandy), this fifth generation baker, pastry cook and chocolate trader emigrated to Canada in 1989.

In 1994, the Les Moulins La Fayette bakery opened its first shop at St-Sauveur-des-Monts, a village in the Laurentians. Success was immediate: soon after its opening, it already started attracting a high-class clientele in search of new and fine products. Since 2007, our clientele increases on average by 20 %.

On 2016. Today we count18 Bakeries Les Moulins La Fayette in Quebec.

In 2017, we shall proceed to the opening of our very first concession in the United States (Florida 211 Lincoln Road 33139 Miami Beach).

The « Les Moulins La Fayette network »
Through commercial licenses

Context in which the enterprise developed

After ten years of uninterrupted success, Les Moulins La Fayette now wish to share a long and fruitful experience with serious entrepreneurs and thus introduce fine, hand-made food

Profile of a licensee

In order to purchase a license, the candidate must demonstrate his professional competence, a good business-sense as well as experience in trade and customer service. His aim must be to constantly improve the enterprise's global success and enhance the network's reputation. Moreover, the licensee must be willing to learn new methods that will improve his individual output as well as his ability to do team work. He must have the financial means to assume his obligations and functions.

In short, like each and every member of the network, the licensee must lend a hand!

In order to meet our business development team, please contact directly
Mr. Johnny Jeulin, at 1.877.476.0170 or 514.781.5498