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A137715 - Agences de gardiennages et entretien ménager $157 000 $13 000 $40 000
Agence de placement de personnel pour nounou, gardiennes et entretiens ménager •Professional and technical services
•Personnel placement
Boucherville, Monteregie (QC)
A137456 - Après sinistre $4 750 000 $482 000 $2 200 000
Entreprise de rénovation après sinistre, service urgence, contenu et reconstruction. •Construction
Rive nord, Laval (QC)
Services de comptabilité, fiscalité et consultation
Réseau national au service des PME depuis plus de 50 ans.
Nous offrons à nos franchisé(e)s système complet, formation personnalisée et soutien continu.
Cabinet avec clientèle au Saguenay présentement disponible.
•Professional and technical services
Saguenay, Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean (QC)
A132857 - Solution de recrutement en ligne avec gestion des références $110 000 $60 000 $95 000
L'entreprise a développé une technologie de recrutement unique qui permet de déployer la recherche de talent et perle rare dans l'ensemble des réseaux des employés de l'entreprise en transformant les offres d'emploi en avis de recherche, •Internet
•Electronic business
The entire province (QC)
A137827 - Well Organized & Profitable Software & Consulting Business with Long Term & New Client Base $2 742 892 $1 599 000
A leader in its market offering specialty Accounting, Manufacturing, Business Process and Human Resources software in North America. High recurring revenue producer and an equally large consulting and implementation arm for the support of all clients & service contracts. As a long term industry leader in the field, the business offers a very well qualified and experienced staff with multiple credentials in each discipline who will remain and a sales team with 37 years of results. •High technology
•Information technologies
Greater Toronto, Toronto Area (ON)
A137815 - Packaging & Printing Company $998 000 $243 000 $730 000
A rare opportunity to acquire a long-standing profitable B2B packaging and printing business that services the consumer packaged goods industry in BC and Alberta. Through efficient processes and superior customer support, the company has established long-term relationships as valued partners to several prominent manufacturers to provide a reoccuring and profitable revenue stream. Having been a successful family-run business for over 40 years, the owners are now seeking the right buyer who ... •Manufacturing/Transformation
Confidential, The entire province (BC)
A137784 - Digital Printing Copy Center South Shore Montreal $392 308 $114 211 $350 000
Founded in 1999, FFM Conceptions Copy Centre specializes in digital and graphic design as well as large format printing.
  • This company offers a turnkey experience and superior customized quality products for all its customers various printing needs.
  • Their mission is to provide each customer with an irreproachable experience for their printing projects.
  • The graphic design department also offers a personalized customer service.
  • •Communications
    •Printing and publishing
    Sainte-Julie, Monteregie (QC)
    A137533 - Boutique Abat-Jour Illimités $499 000
    Passionnés de décoration d'intérieur, la boutique Abat-Jour Illimités est à vendre. Un concept unique en Amérique du Nord en matière d'abat-jour.
    C'est LA référence dans le domaine depuis 1993.
    •Retail business
    •Electric materials & heating
    Montreal (QC)
    A137501 - Bureau comptable $499 000
    Excellent bureau de tenue de livre et d'impôt à vendre à la ville de Québec.
    Approximativement 48% service de comptabilité, 20% impôt, Autres: 32%.
    Seulement 20% des revenus se font pendant la période d'impôt.
    90% des entreprises sont incorporées.
    Logiciels: Dynacom, DTMax.
    •Professional and technical services
    Quebec City Area (QC)
    A137302 - Commercial Real Estate Agency Franchise $2 773 000 $268 000 $750 000
    This brokerage franchise has been operating successfully for many years. It would be of interest primarily to the following categories of buyers: 1) Independent residential real estate agencies who wish to add substantial commercial real estate activity. 2) Real estate agents who have the desire, knowledge, talent and resources to operate a commercial real estate agency. 3) Entrepreneurs having a link to the real estate sector. This is an excellent opportunity. •Professional and technical services
    •Real estate brokerage
    Montreal, Montreal (QC)
    A137178 - Marine Surveying Practice $526 000 $251 000 $799 000
    Covering the Pacific North West, the business is involved in performing marine surveys, providing consulting, and other related services of commercial vessels, pleasure craft vessels, and marine structures. The company has provided its services to clients as far as Asia, the east coast of North America, and in Africa. The business' clients include individual boat owners, yacht owners, law firms, insurance companies, and governments. The simple efficient business model, stellar reputation, and ... •Professional and technical services
    Confidential, The entire province (BC)
    A137009 - Decoration services $150 058 $43 098 $175 000
    Seasonal commercial operation: November to February. Rental and installation of Christmas decorations, indoor and outdoor. Residential and commercial customers. Possibility of expansion and diversification.
    •Retail business
    Montreal, Montreal (QC)
    A137015 - Cie a vendre:Vente service de POS,caisses enreg. et logiciels Quebec Maritimes POS, cash register Co $950 000 $120 000 $295 000
    Compagnie à vendre : Dans le domaine des ventes et service de Points de Ventes, caisses enregistreuses et logiciels au Québec, les Maritimes et Ontario (Est) (For english see below) Établi depuis de nombreuses années cette entreprise se spécialise dans la vente et l'entretien de terminaux et logiciels pour les systèmes de point de vente, caisse enregistreuse et autres équipements complémentaires, couvrant tout le territoire du Québec ainsi que les Maritimes. Reconnu pour la qualité des prod ... •Wholesale business
    •Machinery and equipment
    Confidential, Montreal (QC)
    A136820 - Wholesale Distribution Business in Montreal $685 452 $251 217 $1 250 000
    Successful enterprise in the development, manufacturing and distribution of reliable high-quality products for local and international industrial markets.
    Montreal, Montreal (QC)
    A136774 - Disability Claims Management & Consulting Services Company $1 612 000 $975 000
    Pacific M&A and Business Brokers Ltd. has been exclusively engaged to represent the divestiture of a fast growing, highly profitable Western Canada claims management and consulting services provider with an impressive average growth record of 12% YoY and an EBITDA margin average of 42%, to strategic, industry, or synergistic parties and anticipates a competitive environment through a Structured Transaction Process where expressions of interest will be accepted prior to formalizing LOIs with the ... •Professional and technical services
    •Management consulting
    Confidential, The entire province (BC)
    A136464 - Cie a vendre:Vente service de POS,caisses enreg. et logiciels Quebec Maritimes POS, cash register Co $950 000 $120 000 $295 000
    Compagnie à vendre spécialisée dans la vente et service de Points de Ventes, caisses enregistreuses et logiciels au Québec, les Maritimes et Ontario (Est) (For English see below) Établi depuis de nombreuses années cette entreprise se spécialise dans la vente et l'entretien d'équipements pour les systèmes de point de vente, caisse enregistreuse, logiciels et autres équipements complémentaires, couvrant tout le territoire du Québec, les Maritimes et Ontario (Est). Reconnu pour la qualité des pr ... •Wholesale business
    •Machinery and equipment
    Montreal, Montreal (QC)
    A136470 - Corporate Marketing & Communications
    The seller is seeking a strategic acquirer capable of fully exploiting the benefits of the proprietary technology developed by the seller. The ideal acquirer are commercial printers (litho/digital), media production, and digital printer manufacturers. This technology can be leveraged to connect the digital and print worlds to provide a holistic solution for today's changing business needs. •Professional and technical services
    Greater Toronto, Toronto Area (ON)
    A136332 - Medico-aesthetic clinic without surgery, $359 394 $125 000 $550 000
    BAIIA ( PROFIT) 125,000.$
    •Health and social services
    •Health centres
    The entire province (QC)
    A135967 - Electricity and Automation Contractor $401 619 $73 573 $182 000
    Electricity and Automation Contractor
    Sell: name, commercial and residential customers, equipment, tools, inventory, truck lettered.
    Monteregie - Montreal ... (QC)
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